We have had some quite cold weather this Winter so far .  Pets need care, the bugs will just find a place to “hole-up” (your house maybe ?) BUT , what about your turf and ornamental ?    No, they can’t move so their care is all on you !  I’ll just talk about turf here but you can think ornamental too.  First , your plants can suffer Winter kill in a variety of ways but the three most common are * sustained low temperatures * low temperature spikes, which we have had and * unseasonably warm temperatures followed by freezing temperatures, which we normally get !

So what is someone to do ?   We recommend here at Tri-Hill that you have a Fall fertilization , a healthy turf / plant is more resilient. Also we suggest you let your turf go into the Winter a little tall , i.e. don’t scalp the lawn going into the Fall !!!   and while it is never a good idea to have an excessively wet soil (muddy wet ) it is also not a good idea to have too dry a soil as your plants will desiccate !!!   Just like porage , keep your soil just right, moist.  If you have questions on watering just refer to our earlier blogg on proper watering.

Say you’ve done all this and your lawn has dead spots in  it from Winter kill at green up , then what ?  If this is a large area, you’ll need to strip it up and put in new (live) sod..sorry.. if it is smaller areas then good watering and mowing practices along with some tasty balanced fertilizer will help your lawn generally recover during the Summer.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Have a nice day !  🙂