Well ,  we have some problems in the area.  The “grass” ain’t greening up .  Oh the phone calls we are receiving !   What is going on you ask ? Well , we have had a VERY cold Winter and yes,  it is still somewhat cool at the end of April.   Consequently , this has effected our warm season grasses and since the turf is not greened up and thriving is also allowing room for the weeds to get happy and have a weed party in some areas ( the weeds we refer to are the plants growing someplace we don’t want them and is by no means a reference to Colorado).

We encourage everyone to check out Dr. Karcher and Turf Tips  from the University of Arkansas.  Great site with even greater articles. There is a link on our web page.

In the e-mail he sent out this morning , Dr. Karcher laments this to be the coldest Winter he can remember since moving here 14 years ago.   They are seeing significant winter damage  primarily on  North facing slopes, shaded areas , high traffic areas and areas of low or close mowing.

Will it recover ?  I hope so but in some areas it may be necessary to re-sod ( I personally don’t like seed but you do what you have to).

Lets all see how the turf responds once it finally warms up for a while and gets a chance to respond to a good balanced fertilization and then assess what Mr. Winter has left us.


Have a nice Day !   🙂