We have been in the pest business a long time and honestly, up until a few years ago bed bug calls were few and far between. In my 30+ years of pest control, I hadn’t even seen a bed bug until maybe 10 years ago!

That has all changed and bed bugs are a big deal now. Tri-Hill Turf & Pest currently answers over 100 bed bug calls a year.

As you would expect from the name, bed bugs are found close to beds (usually). They think humans are a pretty good meal and actually prefer us to other critters. This is a one-sided relationship that has developed from the ages and no one can answer the question of why they prefer us. Humans derive absolutely no benefit from the relationship.

Bed bugs will live in close proximity so you will find them on mattresses, box springs, head boards, night stands and even in furniture, movie theaters, buses, taxis, your car, carpets…you get the idea – anywhere they can grab a snack of us!

Bed bugs are opportunistic feeders and will dine even in the daytime if given the opportunity. Any place humans can set and rest, sleep or sit can be a hangout for bed bugs. Bed bugs spread by hitchhiking a ride on clothing, luggage, furniture and personal belongings.

We have a bed bug guide you can print out in our Tips section, which gives you pictures and helpful hints on avoiding becoming a bed bug meal.

The best practice is avoidance and prevention because once you get them you really need to call a pest control professional, like Tri-Hill Turf & Pest. I’m now itching just writing this, so I’m done now!