It is March 12th and after hours. we just got our first call on “swarmers” for 2013. 

You have questions so lets try and give some answers.

A “swarm” is a flight of winged termites to start new colonies. If you don’t see “swarmers” does not mean you don’t have termites it just means you do not have a mature colony that is dispersing winged termites for new colonies.   If you have invested in your home you need to invest in protection from termites, period.

so lets look at identifying termites verses flying ants which can look alot like those stinking termites.

For one, the swarming, winged ants (look at them now) will have a waist, two (2) pairs of wings with the front wings being longer than the back pair.  and if you have a magnifying glass you can look at their antennae and see they are elbowed, like your arm.

Now the termites… They will have a broad waist line and while they too have two (2) pairs of wings, they are all of equal size.

If you have “Swarmers” of any type , call us and we will come out and identify them for you, now thats assurance !

Are termites serious ? Yes they are, causing over $2 billion in damages each year. 

We like the product Termidor  by BASF.  Personally, I think this is the best termiticide currently and have it down for my home.

So with the temperatures up, the swarming will start for many insects and if you can not fully identify which critter you have swarming by my description or through our link to the Pest Mgmt. Association then by all means give us a call and we will come out a identify them for you.

And yes, swarms can occure any time of the year and they tend to be temperature sensitive .

Have a nice day  🙂