Ok, working on our ’46 Ford truck here at the shop after work and the phone kept ringing……. answered it and a frantic individual on the line who wished to remain anonymous wanted to know if there were limits on damage concerning a termite policy ?   They had been told  companies could put limits of anywhere from $500.00 TO $2,500.00 on termite damage to your home !   I told them who ever told them that obviously did NOT know the laws as set forth by the Arkansas State Plant Board which is the licensing entity in the state.   If you are under a termite contract (with a reputable company) and new damage occurs then the termite company is obligated, by law, to repair the damage , period………… !   A company can not limit damages on the repair contract and for someone to say so shows their ignorance or worse………

Now, there are two types of contracts.   There is a repair contract   and a re-treat contract..  re-treat contracts are generally a little cheaper in the industry but you know what they say, you get what you pay for.    If you don’t have a repair contract then if the little buggers show up (the termites )  then what you get is just a re-treat in the damage areas……  So , read your termite contract and if your termite company is not showing up every year to do an inspection it is time to find another termite/pest control company. If your paying for an annual contract you should have an annual inspection !!!

As a customer you have to be watchful, as the Latin phrase goes, ” caveat emptor ” {if the spelling is off, sooo sorry} which means, “let the buyer beware”…….. Ask questions of your service provider and expect answers and if you are not happy……. find another service provider because after all , it is YOUR house !  🙂

Have a nice Day .