While out and about yesterday the number of tent caterpillar/webworm sightings were up , way up.  You will notice the “bags of worms” in several trees.   They are common in Black Walnut , Sweet Gum , Persimmon and other fruit and nut bearing trees as well as shade trees.

Ok , you say , they are outside my home so what do you propose I do about them ?

Well in the “olden days” we would take a tree pole and cut the bags out of the trees and put in a garbage bag or you can treat them with an approved insecticide , which if you choose to do it yourself , can be purchased at a lawn and garden store. Remember to ALWAYS follow label directions.

If that is more than you can stand to bear then call us or another reputable/licensed company as the professionals have the hydralic  equipment to treat for these creatures. i.e. to spray the trees with bug juice

“Well , what if I just leave them alone ?”  you can do that too, the worms can defoliate the tree , effecting the trees ability to produce food (photosynthesis) and the tree might recover but then again it might not. Depends on what love you feel for your tree.

Cutting out the bags and bagging them can be fun when you do it with your kids or significant other and having someone spray them can be entertaining too.  Either way , now you know and if you have any other questions about this then give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

have a nice day !  🙂


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