The time for do it yourself weed control is before the weeds (crabgrass, etc) begin to pop up so…….. get to the Co-op or lawn and garden store and pick up a bag of pre-emergent weed control, usually mixed with fertilizer as a carrier…. READ THE DIRECTIONS and get your spreader out and spread !   To figure how much to use ACCORDING TO THE LABEL , you will need to measure you turf area . Remember length X width ?  yes….. measure that out to determine how many square feet of turf you have to treat.  Then , since you have read the label which tells you how much product to put down per square feet, the rest is just work !  I think a split application is best and the label on the product you choose should give direction on split applications.   Don’t forget, fertilize with a good balanced fertilizer every 6 to 8 weeks to promote a healthier and thicker turf which is the best weed control.

For post-emergent control ( think dandelions) there are some handy hose end products you can buy and just put on the end of your water hose and squirt away just like the professionals.  You will probably want to do this a couple of times a year. Just like the bagged pre-emergent, you will want to read the label before use…..

Have a nice day ! 🙂