*Some spiders are aquatic and live their entire life there  grabbing bubbles of air they use as an aqua-lung while they exist/live in there underwater world .

* Hummingbirds use the silk of spiders to weave together the sticks in their nests.

*While spiders are preators they are also prey for many birds and animals.

*Bolas Spiders make webs of a single line with a sticky bola on one end . These spiders can twirl their bolas in the air to catch Moths in mid-air for a tasty spider treat.

* XXX … don’t read this if sex offends you………. Male spiders are unique among animals because they have a secondary copulatory organ !  Mature male spiders weave a small sperm web, placing a drop of semen on the web , suck it up with their pedipalps and then use their pedipalps to insert the sperm into the female…and then the Stork shows up with a sack of baby spiders !

While we usually prefer our spiders dead  it is interesting to know what they can be up to before we, ah, get rid of them !!!

Have an  Arachnid  Day   🙂