When combined with good fertilization, weed control, and mowing, lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems are the best way to ensure your turf is watered properly and stays looking its best. We like to call sprinkler and irrigation systems “the bomb when it comes to great lawns.” However, sprinkler and irrigation systems aren’t cheap. It’s important to protect this investment through proper maintenance. One of the best ways to take care of your system is to winterize it before the season’s cold weather hits. If you aren’t using the service of an irrigation company to do this, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Clean out sprinkler heads. Soil and grass clippings from the growing season can interfere with your system, preventing the evacuation of water. When this water freezes, it will expand with devastating results in the spring when you want to use your system. Regularly cleaning out sprinkler heads will prevent this problem.
  2. Assess and repair any damage to valves, pipes and sprinkler heads. Small problems will only intensify with time and major weather changes.
  3. Check all valves and pipes for proper operation, clean them, and make any necessary repairs. Improperly working equipment can cause expensive repairs in the spring.

Lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems are a large investment that require preventative maintenance. This weekend, get your work clothes and gloves on and prepare your system for winter. Better yet, call a good irrigation company to do this for you. You will avoid frustrations and the surprise of having a system that doesn’t work when spring time rolls around.