What about scorpions ?  They are considered a nuisance pest and are closely related to spiders , mites and ticks.  There are around 1,200 scorpion species in the world and of those, 70 species found in the United States.  The most dangerous of these in the USA is the Arizona Bark Scorpion which is found in the Southwest and Northern Mexico.

Scorpions are nocturnal so they generally hide during the day and actively “hunt” at night.  They feed primarily on cockroaches, crickets and spiders as well as assorted insects as you would expect.  Did you know, scorpions can survive months when food and or water are not available.

Scorpions like dry habitats and can be found under rocks, wood and other debris.  When they enter our homes they can infest wall voids , crawl spaces and attics.

Can these little beasts be controlled ?  Yes !   We often use glue boards / sticky traps  and pesticides.   We have seen great results from our pesticide treatments in the control/reduction of scorpion infestations.

Do scorpions make good pets ?  No, not in my opinion.  While they are an integral part of nature they are no asset when in our homes but a painful little pest that is best  ………….exterminated !!!!!

Have a nice day 🙂