Rodent Control


Rodent Treatments

With weather getting cooler, we tend to focus on getting our sweaters and jackets out while celebrating the cooler temperatures. We are not the only ones to notice the change in weather, however; so do mice and rats. These rodents are looking for access to your home for a warm and protected place to live and reproduce until spring. Mice and rats are inquisitive creatures; they readily investigate new items, like food, placed within their nesting area. Rather than consume large quantities of food in a single feeding, they will nibble on many food items at random.

Many homeowners notice signs of a rodent in their home and assume it’s not a big deal. In reality, this can become a big issue, since that little mouse can birth as many as 12 babies every three weeks. Add this up, and it can become a huge problem when they start to chew on different things, including electrical wires.

Tri-Hill has different methods to control rodents in your home ranging from traps, glue boards and baits. Call us for a pricing and a free inspection!