So you want to create a pollinator garden ?  It’s a great way to help the local native bee population by providing easy-to-find and diverse sources of pollen and nectar.  Below are 8-tips to help your pollinator garden bee a success with the bee crowd ! (yes, puns included)

*re-plant flowers from pots rather than seed to ensure flowers bloom this Summer

*choose a variety of flowering plants native to our region as local pollinators are particularly adapted to these

*plant a variety of colors and shapes. Yellow, blue and purple flowers are especially attractive to bees

*plant your flowers in clusters to make them more easily noticed and accessed by pollinators

*consider some exotic plants as some can produce alot of nectar

*plant your garden with variety so it will bloom all season long

*consider some plants that bloom at night for moths and other pollinators active in the evening

*avoid hybridized plants that often offer less pollen or nectar

These gardening choices will welcome pollinators that are passing through your yard on their routine foraging missions.

I feel like saying “be kind, rewind” but lets change that to “be kind to our pollinators !”


Have a nice day !    🙂