April is upon us and spring has sprung, so it’s time to plant that butterfly garden! We know everyone likes butterflies, so here are some plant tips and selections. You can likely pick them up at your favorite lawn and garden center.

A good butterfly garden will have both nectar plants and caterpillar food plants.


The Butterfly Bush is our favorite perennial. It’s a very large shrub if left on its own. It may also be pruned and it comes in various colors and it’s very hardy. Other perennials include Echinacea or cone flowers, and salvia (the bees and smaller butterflies really love this one!). Lantana is a favorite and it comes back if the winter is mild.


Some great annual plants for butterflies include Zinnias, Alyssum, Lavender, and Annual Daisies. Apparently, Native milk weed (Monarch’s food plant) are popular with butterflies. We have experience with the Black Swallowtail, and have had great success – the caterpillars loved it and it seeds itself.

Other Recommendations

  • Parsley Fritillary; passion flowers which grow on a vine.
  • Painted lady; thistles and mallows.
  • Native Trees; caterpillars also like these.

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