Termite and Pest Control


Pest Control Solutions in Springdale, AR

When you work hard to keep a nice yard, you want to be outside enjoying the atmosphere, but can you do that when mosquitos are relentlessly biting you? The most common physical reaction to mosquito bites are itchy bumps, but one should remember those little pests also carry viruses. Depending on the virus, symptoms will not always manifest right away. This fact is true with the Zika virus, which has started appearing throughout Arkansas within the past 5 years. Tri-Hill offers misting and spraying solutions for your yard in order to help tame the volume of mosquitos.

Rodent, Insect, & More Pest Control For You

Obviously, bugs and furry creatures are found outside. Now what about when you find them inside your home? Springdale, AR, has a variety of pests with a rodent or two natives to the area. Weather you have found the eastern woodrat, also known as a packrat, or house centipedes crawling throughout your home, Tri-Hill has the solutions for you. The eastern woodrat has a habit of getting into many of your belongings and causing damage, so we recommend taking immediate action before the little family of rats in your home expands. We offer a variety of trapping solutions including humane methods. Call us today to move out those unwelcome house guests.