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Being outdoors, you expect to come across bugs and other living creatures, but inside your home is another situation entirely. Rodents and other pests should not be moving in. Arkansas is home to eastern woodrat, which also goes by packrat. These little creatures are attracted to shiny objects and have a bad habit of eating small amounts from a variety of foods at one time. While their size is small, they cause big problems especially when their family begins to grow at a rapid pace. Call Tri-Hill to humanly relocate those uninvited houseguests.

Mosquito Control Solutions

When the weather is wonderfully warm in Fayetteville, AR, no one wants to let pesky mosquitos drive them back inside. While being itchy is a very unpleasant experience, the viruses Mosquitos carry can be much worse. Within the past 5 years, the zika virus has become a relatively new virus spread throughout Arkansas through mosquitos and symptoms do not always manifest themselves right away. Tri-Hill offers misting and spraying solutions for your yard to keep the overwhelming number of little bloodsuckers away.