Lets talk about mosquitos again shall we ?  a customer came by recently with a envelope of little critters wanting to know what he had, they were dead baby mosquitos that were fresh from the factory.  He had sprayed a swarm around his head with an aerosol and down they came “ded , ded, ded” right there.  He wanted to know what he could do for mosquito control during his cookout that weekend.  We told him he could spray his shrubs and lawn with an insecticide , that would help and we told him we would appreciate the money.  He said he appreciated the offer but was not wanting to pay us more money , was there another solution ?  Can you generate a breeze ?  He said what !!!   Well , if you set up some fans and can generate a breeze the mosquitos don’t particularly like that and you have solved your problem for your planned event.  He asked  if the cieling fans on his back porch would work ?  We told him they should and to try them.     Fast forward to this past Monday after the weekend cookout   , he called in to say the get-to-gather was a success and no mosquitos thanks to the cieling fans he had going on the back porch and a couple of strategically placed box fans.  So …… next time you have a back yard gathering  look to see if you can stand to place some  fans around for good air movement and that may solve any concerns for mosquitos !   How is that now for a quick and dirty home remidy for pest control ?  🙂

Have a nice day !  🙂