Nocturnal, bed bugs feed only at night. During daylight hours they hide in available cracks and holes.  Adults can live more than a year without a blood meal.  Bed bugs , while they often feed on you while you sleep ( i.e. in the bed) they infest other furniture as well as well as clothing or other human contact items .

So what about control ?  Well it requires a multi faced approach.   This may include chemical, steam, vacuming, and physical barriers.     The barriers are often “bed bug cups” that can be placed under beds and free standing furniture, mattress  and box spring covers for beds designed against bed bugs.  Foggers which are available in  local retailers are not effective against bed bugs  .

If you suspect you have bed bugs , inspect your mattress and box springs closely , look for “rusty” spots , egg casings or bed bug themselves around the piping and folds of the bed.   Also look under the bed springs as this area is a good for them to hide.

The best control for bed bugs is to not get them in the first place.  We have another blog on our site that goes into to more detail on not bringing them home in the first place.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call as we will performe an inspection at no charge (as will most pest control companies)

For additional information, you can also look on our home page where we have a news video of a bed bug job / inspection that was covered by one of our local news crews from Channel 5.

Remimber, if you get or have bed bugs, it does not mean you are dirty but it does mean you need to do something  for they will not leave on their own accord !