We get alot of phone calls about moles & gophers here at Tri-Hill.

A common missconception is that a grub treatment will rid your well manicured estate , your sanctuary grounds , YOUR CASTLE of these pesky underground demons.  Well, it ain’t going to happen.  Moles and gophers eat alot more than grubs and often are just having a mole or gopher party in your lawn looking for food.

So what do I do then Mr. Smarty Pants ?  You can use traps or special baits that are available in your local garden stores. Yes, these are items you need to read the label on thoroughly and understand how to use them.  

There are some “critter control” guys that will eleminate them for you and from what I’ve seen the trapping does work best.

So if you see moles & gophers  in your lawn,  please don’t think a simple grub treatment will solve the problem,  IT WILL get rid of the grubs but may not deter your moles & gophers from having the neighborhoods best block party in your lawn.