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Of all lawn-damaging pests, fungus diseases are some of the most difficult to tame.  There are literally hundreds of diseases that can infect your lawn. Some are relatively harmless while others can take a lawn out quickly.

This stuff can travel on your mower , kids shoes, in droplets of water that bounce from plant to plant during a rain or irrigation or by the wind.  Every lawn has disease organisms , the key is to prevent them from getting the upper hand.

Prevention is the best. “So how’d you do that?”  Well I’ll tell ya !  Keep your lawn healthy with proper feeding, proper mowing and watering (covered in other blogs on the very informative Tri-Hill blog pages) with the occasional dethatching or aeration.

Well can’t ya just spray or spread something ?   Yes it can be done but the goal is control.  Disease treatments do not eliminate the disease instead they suppress the disease activity for a period of days to a few weeks.

The goal is to keep the disease in check long enough for your grass to recover or for weather conditions to change where they are less favorable for the disease.  AND it might take more than one “shot” or treatment to do this.

As always , if you do this yourself, read the label and follow the directions for application.  More of a dose does not mean better.

Also..don’t forget….. proper watering, good nutrition and mowing will be your best ally in fighting turfgrass disease.

have a nice day !   🙂