Lawn Care Services


Professional Lawn Care in Van Buren AR

Looking for lawn care solutions in Van Buren AR? Look no further than the turf professionals at Tri-Hill! We’ve been offering custom solutions to the area for years, and we know what it takes to achieve the perfect green lawn of your dreams.

Weed Control Solutions

Prevent the growth and spread of weeds before you find yourself in the thick of weed season in Van Buren, AR with a pre-emergent plan in place during the Fall and Spring seasons. While this type of herbicide is not 100% preventative, you will notice a considerable decrease of weeds sneaking their way into your lawn and competing for the same nutrients your grass needs to be healthy. Pre-emergent is most effective on weeds that grow from seeds annually such as Henbit, Annual Bluegrass, Fireweed, and Crabgrass. The stubborn weeds, primarily perennial weeds such as Bahia, Dandelion, and Johnsongrass, will need to be treated with a post-emergent.

Fertilization Experts

By treating what you can before all plants are in the full swing of growth season, healthy grass is given the chance to grow right out of the gate leaving less room for weeds to sprout. Overall, maintaining a healthy lawn will always be a great way to tackle unwanted weeds from coming back. In our lawn care program, we will walk you through the current condition of your lawn starting with what your target pH balance is for your specific grass type to the timeline of when your grass needs to be aerated, seeded, and fertilized according to the grass types that live best in Van Buren, Arkansas.