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Because Springdale, AR sees such a variety of weeds, figuring out the timing of when to treat them or going through the painful process of pulling each weed out of the ground is a real headache. To see the best outcome in your lawn, pre-emergent is a must. 75%-90% of weeds can be prevented with the right pre-emergent treatment. Doesn’t that sound better than finding yourself in the middle of weed season with no end in sight? The bulk of weeds which are affected by preventative care grow from seeds annually such as Henbit, Annual Bluegrass, Fireweed, and Crabgrass. In order to counteract the type of weed, or perennial weed, that is unaffected by the pre-treatment “barrier” can be treated with a post-emergent herbicide. Each post-herbicide holds a different level of effectiveness depending which type of weed it is used on. Our team is here to help advice what will show the most results in your lawn.

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By being consistent with your lawn upkeep, you are keeping your grass strong and plentiful enough to keep pesky weeds from finding free space to grow. With Tri-Hill, you will receive a custom based on your unique lawn. First, we test your soil’s pH levels as Arkansas soil tends to be more on the acidic side of the scale, and different types of grass thrive within their own pH zone. When soil is within its optimal acidity level for its corresponding grass type, then and only then, does grass and other plants receive essential nutrients needed to grow. No amount of fertilizer can make up for pH deprivation. After we establish where your soil needs to be, then we move through aeration, seeding, fertilization, and of course, watering with you.

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