Lawn Care Programs

Get your lawn healthy and vibrant for as little as $29.95.


Prevent a lot of common yard ailments that can destroy or wither your grass.


Regularly scheduled visits allow frequent “checkups”, as well as regular maintenance for your lawn.

Growth & Health

In places with extreme weather like ours, it’s important to keep your yard under proper care.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do treatments begin?
Generally, it’s best for us to start your lawn treatment series in the spring. This allows the time necessary for your lawn to get the proper attention and care.
What is Disease Management?
Simply put, it’s control and treatment for your lawn against common grass diseases and fungi. Lawn fungus can kill grass in large patches at a time, and is easily spread. Other diseases can be extremely difficult to treat. Prevention is the best policy for keeping a healthy, happy lawn.
What kind of pests are covered under Pest Control?
Many, actually. But more specifically, we try to cover those that are the biggest threat to the grass and yard. Ants and grubs are usually the most common culprits for causing lawn destruction around our area. But there are also many others that shouldn’t be underestimated.
If I get the Premium Service, do I still need regular pest control?
Absolutely! The treatment for your lawn’s pests is altogether different from what you’ll need for the home.  In the home, we treat for spiders, ants, silverfish, cockroaches and more. A separate pest control service can help us get the whole area treated – as opposed to just part of the problem that can spread back and forth.

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