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Staying on track with a pre-emergent weed care plan in Fayetteville, AR is vital. We all know how out of control a variety of weeds can get if lawn care is ignored. The Fall and Spring seasons are prime seasons to begin preventative measures against those bothersome weeds. Pre-emergent is most effective on weeds that grow from seeds annually such as Henbit, Annual Bluegrass, Fireweed, and Crabgrass. You will see an immediate decrease in weeds when your plants come out of dormancy. Before you get too excited in the miracle that is preventative lawn care, roughly 10%-25% of those pesky weeds will edge themselves into your lawn. These weeds are primarily perennial weeds such as Bahia, Dandelion, and Johnsongrass and will need to be treated with a post-emergent. We offer a variety of post-emergent and will further discuss with you the best one to use against the specific weeds in your lawn.

Weed Control Professionals

A large part of keeping weeds at bay comes down to giving healthy grass a leg up on the weeds when it comes time for them to battle it out for nutrients and water. By following our lawn care program, you won’t be faced with such an uphill battle each year to rid your lawn of weeds. Our lawn care program begins with identifying the optimal pH level for your native grass type. Even top of the line fertilizer cannot make up for the necessary nutrients lost due to pH deprivation. After establishing the acidity levels specific to your type of grass, then we carry on into aeration, seeding, and then the fertilizer. Our experts at Tri-Hill will tailor a lawn care plan for you while you sit back and enjoy the view!

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