Did you know there is 46.5 million acres of turfgrass in the USA ? That is 21% of the total agricultural acreage !

Last year homeowners spent over $6.4 Billion on their lawns.   And what about those lawns ?   Well , around here Bermuda reins supreme with Zoysia coming in second.

Bermuda (Cynodon dactylon) originated in the Middle East . Bermuda became an invasive species in ……. Bermuda and later found its way to North America…. hence we call it…. Bermuda….. there are now many different varieties of this tough grass thanks to the diligent work of plant breeders .

What about Zoysia ?   Well it comes from Asia and our most popular variety is Zoysia japonica.  Of course we have many new varieties of this grass too thanks to those same turf scientist.

Next time you look at your lawn remember that a lot of science (and distance) has gone into it being there 🙂

Have a nice day ! 🙂