Believe it or not, bugs can live in your plumbing and even have a happy home there. These bugs will feed on available “food stuff,” like grease, soap scum, food waste and even hair, as they lay their eggs and raise their young in the gunk in your plumbing.

What’s living in there?

At Tri-Hill Pest Control, we often find cockroaches, assorted varieties of flies and even ants. If everything else is clean, but you’re still having a cockroach or gnat problem, it’s time to check your drains.

What can be done?

If you’re experiencing a pest problem, you can always call the professionals at Tri-Hill. If you’re up to the task, do the following.

  • Inspect your plumbing to see where or if there are insects living there. Take special note of slow draining or backed up drains.
  • Clean out all sludge and deposits in your drains and flush thoroughly with hot, soapy water. The hot, soapy water in and of itself will not clean the drains. This should be used as a follow up after you’ve already thoroughly scrubbed the drains. When cleaning drains, be sure to follow any instructions or safety precautions listed on the labels of your cleaning supplies or tools.
  • Repeat this process once a month.

We hope that helps shed some light on why you may be experiencing visits from unwanted guests. For all of your pest control needs, contact Tri-Hill today!