According to Australia’s Commonwelth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO) , insects couls provide a new and cost effective method of mineral deposit exploration.

Research has shown that termites and ants carry gold and other minerals from underground and stockpile it in their mounds. This is helping  researchers locate gold and mineral deposits.

 Thought of as natures little drillers, termites can travel up to 90 feet  below the earth’s surface in search of water and soil for their nest.

By testing termite and ant mounds , scientist are able to use the insects’ work as clues to where the minerals lie, reducing expense of exploratory drilling.

However , using insects to locate mineral deposits isn’t entirely new. In some parts of Africa, local villagers pan the soil from these mounds to extract gold. Elswhere on the continent soil sampling of termite mounds has become a preliminary step in the discovery of diamond mines. In fact, the process of sampling mounds of earth created over many years by soil organisms is well documented from ancient times.

This is not to say that when you see a swarm of termites in your house or sawdust in your window sill or door frame from carpenter ants its an oportunity for riches, quite the opposite !