Lets look at our little buddy the German Cockroach shall we ?……………

German cockroaches are one of the most widspread urban pests and are common in both residential and commercial settings. In kitchens, they cause food contamination by walking over food and leaving behind droppings or disease organisms carried on their body..  Large infestations can cause allergies and asthma in sensitive people.

The German cockroach grows to an average of 1/2″ to 3/4″ and are light brown with two dark “racing stripes” down the back of their head.

Whay are they so successful ?   Their life cycle from egg to adult is about 100 days , compared to the American cockroach which has a life cycle of about one (1) year.  A German cockroach egg capsule contains about 35 eggs while the American cockroach has about 15.  also, the femal German cockroach hold on to the egg capsule until they hatch which increases the German cockroach odds of survival.

German cockroaches need , like, love warmth and humidity which is why infestations are normally found in kitchens and bathrooms…….so when you think you are alone in the bathroom and it feels like someone or SOMETHING is watching you……… you are probably right 🙂