Here at the office we get regular questions , some of which the office staff has asked me to post here.  So, her are answers to commonly  asked questions.

* Will you call before you come out ? ….. Yes ! We’ll call you and arrange your service for your convenience.

*Can you give me a quote over the phone or e-mail ? ….. Yes and No.    Let me explain, for general pest we can often do this but when it comes to termites, bed bugs or extreme infestations or unique situations we really need to visit  and besides, we like our customers  so we like to visit.

*Can’t I do this myself ?   Sure you can,  there is a lot of do-it-yourself products out there and some are quite good and effective. HOWEVER we are professionals here and have years of experience , training and college  degrees in dealing with these critters so if you avail yourself of our knowledge and pesticide experience the results are going to be more effective than doing it yourself.    Its not bragging if it is the truth.. 🙂

*My house is clean, how important is your visit (treatment) ? ….. We like our homes, they are a clean oasis from the extremes of the world outside ,  and that is why pests like our homes too.  When you are a tiny insect you can find a lot of nooks and crannies to make a home in your house.   We know their secrets.

*How often do you need to come out ?   Well, again that depends.  Usually a quarterly service (every three months) will do the job but some times, especially in particular setting a monthly service is required.  We will always explain to you why.

*Why do you drive those antique trucks ?  Well, we think they are cute and we just love our DIVCO (Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company) 🙂  and our 1946 Ford truck just looks cool !