We get calls daily and with them a lot of questions , some of which I’ll list here.

* Why do I have weeds ?   If you have lots of weeds, something didn’t work and we need to get back and fix the problem. But there will always be weeds as there is “mucho” (a whole bunch) of weed seeds in the soil just waiting for the right condition to pop up and when the conditions are right they usually do.  The pre-emergent should keep the vast majority of these from showing up i.e. your Spring and Fall pre-emergents are very important ! BUT that is why we have programs for your lawn as one fertilization nor one weed treatment lasts forever and each step is designed to address what is in your yard at that stage of the year.

*Do I have to be home when you treat the lawn ?  No

*Do you leave anything to let me know when you’ve been by ?  Yes

* I have dogs, locked gates, dancing feires in the back yard, can you call before you come out ?  Yes

*Can you give me a price over the phone for my yard ?  No , we have to measure the property and will leave you a nice evaluation packet .

*Do I have to be home for the evaluation ? No , we will leave the evaluation packet on your front door and you can call us at your convenience.

*How should I water ?   We have details in our blog pages .  Watering is very important and NO you do not need to water every day, a good drink for your lawn , once a week is usually good enough.  We recommend about an inch of water a week for your lawn.

*My son/daughter/niece/nephew need some information for a school project, can you help them ?  Yes…..we actually receive several calls a year and have helped kids with information on soil chemistry, turf/plant biology and even one young lady who did a cell differentiation project for science fair, she went to state with it but sad to say got beat out by a kid who built a bridge !  Science is fun…..and for us and our business here at Tri-Hill it is how we make our daily living 🙂

*How do I get rid of my moles/gophers ?    THAT is the million dollar question.  If you find an easy sure method PLEASE let us know.   The best method we have found is traps !   I’ve heard juicy fruit gum works too  but we say trapping gets positive results or at least better results.

* and YES, we really do use the antique trucks we have.  Our DIVCO was modernized and has disc brakes and a Corvette engine with automatic trans and the 1946 Ford truck has everything modern underneath including a diesel engine……… The flat head engines were fun but the new power plants are just, better and we can get parts for them.

Thanks / D.Hill

have a nice day 🙂