Well we have Listeria in the news again. What is Listeria ?  Listeria is a common bacteria that feeds off of organic soils , which in food facilities can be found trapped inside of coolers, chillers and drains(floor drains).  What is interesting here is Listeria will continue to thrive in refrigerated conditions.

There are many ways Listeria can be transported, equipments, utensils, by hand, clothing, high pressure cleaning and pests such as cockroaches , rodents and flies.

So , how do you control Listeria ?  SANITATION !!!  Clean, Clean and Clean !!!!!   and of course good pest control for those creepy crawling and flying critters.

The most commonly missed area for sanitation are drains.  These things can be very nasty and I know they are not pleasant to clean.  Personally I would rather pump out a septic tank than clean a drain and I REALLY don’t want to pump out any septic tanks.  BUT it must be done so get on the rubber gloves and clean out those drains . How clean should they be you ask… they should be sparkling clean.  Take pride in your clean drains. (floor drains)

Does pest control work in this situation ? absolutly it does !   But again, if you don’t CLEAN then all the pesticides and baits and traps etc in the world wont control the problem.  You must take a total approach and sanitation is the cake, not the icing or cherry on top but the basis for the whole morsal.  So sanitation is the key to controlling Listeria and pest control is just one component in the overall program.

Have a Nice Day !  🙂