I have fallen short for our customers in Fayetteville and Springdale, Arkansas.

Yes, I have failed to discuss Fescue !   What do you do, how do you mow it, how do you fertilize ?   Well there is always the University of Arkansas turf web link on our home page you can go to for indepth information but I’ll give you my 2-cents worth here.

Fescue needs to be over-seeded to thicken up if it has become thin due to Summer heat.  The best time to do this in Northwest Arkansas in my opinion is the first of September.  A Turf Type Tall Fescue is prefered and usually in a blend such as Five-Star which is available at the local CO-OP here in town or any lawn and garden store in the area.   If you miss this September window then late March is my next choice as it is towards the end of our killing frost season.  Keep the seed bed moist but not flooded to ensure proper germination.

What about fertilization as part of your lawn care care & maintenance program? Well , fertilize in the Fall and Spring when the Fescue is most active. Fertilizing in mid-Summer is not a good idea as it can cause turf damage because the Fescue tends to go into a Summer slow growth or dormancy type phase .

For mowing, here in Northwest Arkansas we are generally 3-4 degrees cooler than in the River Valley where growing anything but Zoysia or Bermuda is tough.  This slight difference in temperature lets us grow Fescue somewhat successfully here in Northwest Arkansas.  Still, the Summer can be brutal on Fescue here so we like to see you mow Fescue tall   i.e.  4″ to 5″ inches.   And always keep your mower blades sharp because a ragged cut is more conducive  to disease  than a clean cut with a properly sharp blade……

There , Fescue is covered.  For mowing and watering tips check out our older blogs on the subject  or follow the link if you wish to back up what we say  with the turf grass page from the University of Arkansas.

Have a Great Day !  🙂