If you have pests be they the crawley kind or weeds, etc… you can always address the problem yourself  instead  of calling a professional.  In fact some people have a sincere sense of accomplishment  after completing  such a task.  However beware that the FIFRA rules apply to these products regardless if you choose a professional company or buy your stash from the local hardware store and do it yourself.  

The one , undeniable truth is the label is the LAW !  Some extreme examples of folks not following the label is in regards to “bug bombs”. How simple can it be ? Got bugs, set off a bug bomb and they are gone, right ?

Well, according to one government agency over 500 fires a year are started with these “bug bombs”. 

In San Diego a few years back a family was fed up with roaches and mice so they set off 19 , yes, 19 “bug bombs” and the result was an explosion and an estimated $150,000 in damage.  The investigators believed the ignition source was provided by a pilot light in the homes heating system.

Let me say, it can be VERY unhealthy to live with pests both mentally and physically HOWEVER  when you don’t read and follow the label you can make the news. 

So, what is someone to do ?  Well you have two options here. The first is to call a licensed professional and if you opt for option two which is do-it-yourself , READ THE LABEL  because it is the law and gives you the information on how to use the product.

Don’t end up like an individual that called us a while back, He had put a weed killer on his lawn. Yes it killed the weeds, and his lawn.  He had bought a weed killed for “total vegetation control” on fence rows.   It was not a pretty sight !

So, if you do-it-yourself……….READ  THE  LABEL  before you use it , or just call a professional .