I’ve always liked Dirt Daubers. I like the way their little “homes” look like the bead of a good weld on metal. But do they sting?

While they can sting, it’s unlikely. They are not very aggressive and don’t defend their nest like Red Wasp or Hornets do. Dirt Daubers’ venom is used primarily to paralyze their prey. However, if you push the matter and try to handle one they sting in defense and like other wasps, can sting multiple times.

Dirt Daubers are mainly a nuisance and are not considered dangerous or destructive. They build their nests on walls, eaves, porches, garages and sheds. To help prevent Dirt Daubers, reduce their prey which includes spiders and other small insects. Seal access points like cracks and crevices and remove spider webs around your home. You also need to remove or wash off the Dirt Daubers’ nests as they tend to re-use these “dirt-tube nests” year after year.

You can work to control this yourself, but Tri-Hill Turf & Pest can address not only Dirt Daubers but the food source as well.