Can we talk about bed bugs too much ?  They are just so disgustingly interesting  afterall !

Well lets go over some inappropriate and ineffective ways people try it themselves shall we ?

1. DON’T  use flamable liquids !!!  nuff said as Stan Lee would say.   One blaze caused by a distraught , bed bug infested individual resently  that resulted in over $4.5 million worth of damage.

2. Don’t place moth-balls around the house,  it doesn’t work and can infact pose a health hazzard to pets and humans !

3. Don’t use pesticides you have picked up from other countries.  Many have poor quality control and can be dangerous and besides it is illegal to use a non-registered product in the good ol’ USA which these would be .

4. Don’t use products for lawn and ornamental  as there is a reason they say, FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY,  on the label……… just don’t , really !

5. Don’t use garden dusts. besides not being labeled for bed bugs they wont work on them, the bed bugs that is.

6. Don’t treat your mattress with any of these insecticides and this is obvious as you don’t need to be sleeping on insecticide residues. You know, they make mattress and box spring encasements specifically for bed bugs.  Get a set of the encasements that fit your size mattress and box springs and use that….they can be found at Walmart  but of course you can find anything at Walmart.

7. Finally on our list, BUG BOMBS….NO…..they don’t work for bed bugs and again, a home owner in Atlanta recently found this out when he used 14 of these foggers to control bed bugs…. all he did was blow out the sides of his house when it caused an explosion………

So this little blog should just be titled “no-no”  .  So what do you do ?   Just call a professional ! and follow our traveling bed bug protocal that we posted earlier on our blog here because the best way to “treat” for bed bugs is make sure you don’t bring them home with you in the first place…..!!!