Well gang , we are having another cool wet Spring.  Oh I’m not complaining too much as this fortells a milder Summer without 110 temps with high humidity we can see in late July and August ( don’t ya love it here ? )

BUT , what does this do to our warm and sun loving Bermuda and Zoysia ?  Looking about, it’s  coming out of dormancy and reaching full green-up slower.

Doug Karcher Phd from the University of Arkansas turfgrass science program ( yes Martha, turfgrass is a science) said in his latest “turf tips” he sends out monthly , ” It’s cool and wet which is not helping our warm-season grasses to fully wake up from their winter’s nap. Variable slow green-up in addition to spring dead spot and large patch activity are present throughout our bermudagrass and zoysiagrass turf on the research farm”

Dr. Karcher went on to say if you are suffering through this at home to be assured you are not alone and it shall pass as Summer comes our way !

So what are you to do ?  Well if you use a lawn service like Tri-Hill , be patient as the nutrients are being applied and we wait for some warmth AND !!!!!  if you are doing it yourself , please don’t pour more fertilizer on it as this may damage the grass later and can contribute to nutrient run-off in our streams , lakes and rivers.   The state ag department is very sensative about that !

Enjoy the cooler weather knowing the heat will eventually be here and as Obi’won was told in Star Wars , ” be patient young padawon” or for those of us that remember the TV show Kung Fu , ” patience grasshopper”.

have a great day !  🙂