Care and planning must be used by the home owner to control cockroaches. We have listed several non-chemical means of control here for you to practice in limiting these pests in your home.

* Practice sanitation in and around the home. Keeping areas clean and repaired make it a less favorable living environment for cockroaches.
* Keep windows and doors tight. Caulk cracks in outside walls , sills and foundations.
* Seal openings where electrical lines or water pipes pass through walls and floors. This slows movement of cockroaches into the home.
* Inspect grocery bags, cardboard boxes , dried pet foods , vegetables and firewood carried into the home to avoid bringing in cockroaches.
* Repair plumbing leaks and seal moisture sources .
* Remove food crumbs and garbage, keeping in containers with well fitting lids.
* Store your food in sealed containers.
* Glue boards or sticky traps can be used in cupboards , under sinks, in closets and pantry areas to trap cockroaches.

Remember , cockroaches carry bacteria, fungi and filth on their legs and bodies and like to move about under cover of darkness. They may pollute food, cooking utensils and eating surfaces with their filth and are a health menace .

Effective control of cockroaches may require a combination of the above as well as effective pesticides applied by a licensed pest control professional.

Cockroaches can be a serious vector for disease and can adversly effect the health of our living environment.  Sanition is the key to effective control.