While in the truck headed over to the University of Arkansas to pick up some research work waiting for me I had the radio on npr.   What came over the radio speakers was humorous and interesting.  Cockroaches, it just so happens, like us humans , form distinct groups and neighborhoods according to Mark Stoeckle of Rockefeller University in New York City.  Cockroaches as Dr. Stoeckle has found out are very territorial and  tend to group together genetically . He said they looked in detail at four (4)  neighborhoods and in each of the areas 70%  to 80 %  of the cockroaches in each neighborhood were….well….of one genetic type.  Which is to say the cockroaches from each of the four neighborhoods were distinct from one another.

Stoeckle said they studied genetic types in one species, the American cockroach, and found four distinct genetic types that differ by neighborhood.  So I suppose the roaches you would find in the Bronx (the tough roaches) would be different than roaches you would find in Queens or Roosevelt Island.

Now, how true  is this ?  Can’t say but it was on npr so it has to be accurate….right?

Have a nice day !  🙂