So, what are the benefits of a healthy lawn? Let’s look at that.

First of all, a healthy, thicker lawn provides a safer place for you and your family. Besides the obvious psychological benefits of a pretty lawn. It also provides a better playing surface. That is why sports teams who use natural turf place such value on its health and vitality.

Next, we can look at the environmental impact a healthy lawn has. Besides helping clean the air by absorbing CO2 it gives off oxygen as well as act as a water filter from streams, lakes and ground water. Don’t forget the cooling effect, a healthy lawn can lower the reflective heat of summer thus helping to lower demand on your air conditioner and accompanying electric need.

And finally let’s look at curb appeal. Yes, a healthy well-maintained lawn makes your home and property not only look better but can increase overall value.

You have to do your part with proper mowing, watering and landscaping but Tri-Hill Turf & Pest can help with the nutrition and weed control on your lawn.

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