Why be concerned with bed bugs ? Well, in my humble opinion, they are just nasty ! Bed Bugs are ectoparasites which is they feed on the body surface. Bed Bugs have been associated with man well beyond antiquity. This blog entry is not about history though but how not to bring these little beasts home. Bed Bugs are a people problem not a building problem. ANY property can get Bed Bugs due to who stayed there last. When YOU travel, be prepared and don’t rely on “someone else” to protect you from Bed Bugs.

First thing is ask at check-in if there are any Bed Bug issues next make sure you have a good flashlight and do your own room inspection. Inspect the mattress & box springs as well as night stand and luggage rack. Look for fecal stains, eggs, shed skins, and of course live Bed Bugs. If you find evidence immediately request another room . When I travel my clothes stay in the suitcase or garment bag and secured in a plastic bag to prevent contamination. Upon returning home I wash ALL clothing and treat all luggage and shoes with either heat (120 degrees F for 3 minutes minimum) and or use a directed spray. To ensure Bed Bugs do not get established in your home do periodic inspections, there are some Bed Bug traps available that can assist in detection. If you do find these little monsters in your home it is not the end of the world . Don’t try to use foggers, this is not effective While it is not rocket science you may want to call a pest control professional , one with extensive experience with Bed Bugs.

If you decide to do it yourself, do your research ! The internet is invaluable here. Keep in mind, if it sounds too simple or to good to be true, it probably is. A sound and effective Bed Bug program is thorough and requires diligence. Bed Bugs are here to stay and to guard against them you must be armed with knowledge and you must use that knowledge. So, Sleep tight and don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite !