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White Grubs show up in well-kept lawns for one reason !  To fatten themselves up by eating  the roots of your grass.

Grubs feed underground and out of sight. They don’t really care if your grass dies in the process.  Let’s prevent (stop) these unwelcome dinner guests in your lawn before they cause severe damage and loss of turf.

How you ask ?  Well there are some granular products (also liquid) that when spread offer great control of these critters.  As always, if you do this yourself …… FOLLOW THE LABEL DIRECTIONS …… as more does not do more and in fact more can be bad so if the label says put down X amount per given area then don’t put down X+ thinking that will increase effectiveness……. it wont.

Now what should be a “red flag” that you better do this annually?    If you have outside lighting such as a street lamp .  This is because the light attracts the beetles that have a “beetle party” and the babies are the grubs !  ALSO if you have a Zoysia lawn because this turfgrass is a slow grower and has a low recovery potential unlike Bermuda which can spread like a wild fire given the right conditions.  Soooooo , if you don’t wish to pay for an extra step for your lawn care service company to do this for you ya gotta get your walking shoes get to the Lawn-n-Garden store and get a GRUB SPECIFIC product and apply according to label directions…..or give us a call and we can do it for you.

No grub note would be complete without saying that having moles or gophers is not evidence you have grubs and a grub treatment WILL NOT absolve you from a mole and gopher problem, so please don’t put down a grub treatment thinking it will get rid of moles and gophers as it is not a sure thing……. but that is a topic for another blogg.

have a nice day !   🙂