A season for Fescue: Autumn’s favorite grass.

Sep 23, 2015Turf

Fall is on the way and that is a great time for a fescue lawn.  BUT don’t just sit back , there are things to do…..

1. Get a Soil Test

Let’s find out what the nutrient levels are in your soil.  You can generally get a free soil test from you County Extension Office. FYI – it is NOT dirt, as dirt is classified as soil that is out of place. 🙂

2. Aerate

Now is a good time to aerate the lawn.  That is the machine that pulls the plugs of soil up.

3. Time to Seed.

OK, aeration is done? Spread some seed. We like to see you over-seed between September and no later than November 1st. Cool season grasses like our fescue and rye don’t spread like Bermuda and zoysia and need to be seeded every year to help keep them thick.  In general when you overseed , 6lbs to 8lbs per 1000ft2 is a good number.

4. Fertilize.

Not a lot of nitrogen. We recommend a 13-13-13 and a 50lb bag should cover around 5000ft2 to 8000ft2.

5. Don't forget to water!

We normally have enough rain but Fall and Spring is when your cool season grass likes to grow.

6. Mow (of course).

Finally, the never ending mowing.  Our recommendation is to mow at the higher setting of 3.5″ or even 4″

When you’re all finished, all that’s left is adding a little fire pit and lawn chair for those nice Fall and Spring evenings!