“If you don’t like the weather here, just wait 5 minutes…”

– Quote your lawn hates most




Luckily, we’ve been dealing with it since 1986.




Experts in Lawn and Pest Control

Lawn Care

See how our lawn care programs can give you a quality lawn year round.

Trees & Shrubs

We also offer tree and shrub programs as well as several other lawn care services.

Termite & Pest

Prevention and inspection methods to protect you against termites and pests.

Bed Bugs

Don’t end up spending more than you should in getting rid of these pesky critters.

quality-pro-logoTri-Hill is a “Quality Pro” accredited company through the National Pest Management Association. 


“Our years in business is proof of the quality of our results.”

There are a lot of benefits to dealing with specialists who know their business and care about what they are doing. We keep up with current research, stay on top of changing weather, and have the right people and equipment to meet your lawn’s needs. Tri-Hill is serious about doing things right and we will always work hard to earn, and keep, your confidence and trust.

All of our technicians have been tested and hold state license as well as our company has been certified by the National Pest Management Association as a Quality Pro company.  We are very proud of achieving the Quality Pro certification for our company.

We are proud to service the Western Metropolitan Corridor of Arkansas since 1986!

P.S. No, we do not all ride motorcycles but it will definitely look that way if you come by…  and the cut antique trucks are DIVCO milk trucks (Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company)

Tri-Hill Turf & Pest is licensed to apply pest control products and nutrient products by :
Arkansas State Plant Board  | Arkansas Natural Resource Commission | Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry

“I have worked with Jamie for the last few years, and I wanted to let you know that she always takes care of me. Very personable and sweet. Thanks for your services.”

-S. Campbell, Fayetteville

“Your technician Billy seemed to know a lot about pest control and was very informative. I was so impressed, that now Tri-Hill is servicing all our rental houses”

-D. Hopkins, Ft. Smith

“Bud the termite technician was very sweet and explained everything he was going to do. We were pleased with his work ethic and manners”

-D. Burnett, Dyer

“Your technician Wayne takes pride in his work, and it shows. He listened to my concerns, took action and followed up. My yard is beautiful!!!”

-S. Walser, Ft. Smith

“Just a little note to thank you and Mike for all the hard work on my lawn... My yard is beautiful - it's plush like carpet!!!”

-V. Silvis, Poteau

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